Dr Selin Nugent

selin nugent


Dr Selin Nugent is a postdoctoral researcher on the ERC funded Ritual Modes: Divergent modes of ritual, social cohesion, prosociality, and conflict project, under the supervision of Professors Harvey Whitehouse and Pieter François. She earned her BA and BSc in Anthropology & Human Biology from Emory University (2012) and her MA in Biological Anthropology at the The Ohio State University (2013). She was awarded her PhD in Biological Anthropology (with a focus in Bioarchaeology) from The Ohio State University (2017) for her dissertation  “Pastoral Mobility and the Formation of Complex Settlement in the Middle Bronze Age Şərur Valley, Azerbaijan.”

Selin applies bioarchaeological approaches to the study of collective mobility, subsistence, and ritual practices in the South Caucasus and Anatolia to address key questions on the evolution of group cohesion and social complexity. In her present role, she is interested in integrating computational methods to enhance diachronic, cross-cultural, and cognitive perspectives on the functions of ritual and cohesion in cultural evolution in prehistoric contexts.

You can follow her work at https://selinnugentphd.wordpress.com/  and  https://twitter.com/SelinNugent

Email – selin.nugent@anthro.ox.ac.uk



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