Dr Rhea Arini

rhea arini


Research Affiliate

Background: In April 2020 I obtained my PhD in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University, with a thesis on children's third-party punishment behaviour, supervised by Dr. Ben Kenward and Dr. Luci Wiggs. I previously conducted research in ethology (socio-sexual communication in bonobos) and cognitive neuroscience (effects of environmental enrichment on mice's spatial memory). I hold a BSc in Ecological Sciences and Biodiversity from the University of Pisa (Italy) and a MSc in Behavioural Biology from the University of Florence (Italy).

Research Interests: My postdoc projects in collaboration with Dr. Fortunato will cover a variety of topics: I am currently reviewing the extant literature about dispersal patterns in great apes and carrying out descriptive analyses of the social domains of kinship systems in human populations. In the near future I plan to design an online experiment to test people’s risk behaviour across cultures (South Korea vs Italy) and to provide assistance in the development of economic paradigms to test intergroup relations (fieldwork in Siena, Italy).