Dr Nora Danielson Lanier

nora danielson lanier

Postdoctoral Associate

BA, The Evergreen State College
MPhil (Oxford), Migration Studies
DPhil (Oxford), Anthropology

Dr Nora Danielson Lanier's research is focused on the intersection between refugee law, the politics of asylum governance, and refugee political action. Her doctoral thesis, completed in October 2017 and entitled ‘Asylum at an impasse: refugee protest and the politics of asylum governance in Cairo’, explores the relationship between refugee protest and the politics of asylum governance through the case of an extended 2005 sit-in by Sudanese demonstrators in Egypt. Drawing from repeated periods of research in Cairo and an extensive collection of documents, the research analyzes public debates between refugees, the United Nations Refugee Agency, and Egyptian government ministers over refugee law and policy to explore the effects of political struggles between governance bodies on refugee political participation. Through this study, the thesis opens new dimensions within existing scholarship on the depoliticisation of refugees, and on humanitarianism as a dominating force.

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