Dr Lewis Daly

Lewis Daly

Postdoctoral Affiliate

DPhil Anthropology, Oxford (2011-15) – ESRC Fellowship
MSc Social Anthropology, Oxford (2009)
BSc Anthropology, UCL (2007)

Lewis Daly teaches Environmental Anthropology at UCL and Oxford, primarily focusing on ethnobiology, multispecies ethnography, political ecology, and the ethnography of lowland South America. Lewis has been conducting ​ethnographic research with the Carib-speaking Makushi people of ​the North Rupununi region of ​Amazonian Guyana since 2011​. ​His ​ongoing field research concerns ​ethnobotany and ​multispecies relationships, ​shamanism and animist ​cosmologies, ​horticulture and agroecological systems, and the politics of conservation (REDD+, PES schemes, ecotourism). Since 2015, ​Lewis ​has ​been collaborating with the Ethno-ornithology World Archive (EWA) ​at Oxford ​and the ​global conservation ​partnership BirdLife International to conduct a literature review into the roles of avifauna and ethno-ornithology in delivering conservation at community level. ​The ongoing project spans perspectives from research, practice, and policy. Lewis is also ​working with the ​Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi ​(MPEG) in Belém, Brazil on an ethnobiological project concerning human​-plant communication in indigenous Amazonian cosmologies. The project - entitled 'Sign, Substance, and Sensation' - focuses on the roles ​of chemo-sensation ​and ecosemiotics in human-vegetal ​engagement, and will result in a series of co-authored articles.


​Makushi, Guyana, Amazonia, multispecies, environment, ​ethnoecology, ​ethnobotany, ecosemiotics, plants, birds, conservation, ​cosmology, indigeneity, ​political ontology.


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