Dr Jonathan Jong

Jonathan Jong

Research Affiliate

Jonathan Jong is the Deputy Director of the Belief, Brain, and Behaviour research group at Coventry University’s Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour, and Achievement. He is also the Research Co-ordinator of the Cognition and Culture Lab at ICEA. Jonathan’s research focuses on the interaction between emotion and cognition, and especially on the role of negative emotions (e.g., anxiety) in belief formation and maintenance. Jonathan is also currently pursuing research on group behaviour, aggression, agency detection, and the philosophical implications of recent developments in cognitive science of religion for religious belief.

Selected Publications

Jackson, J., Halberstadt, J., Jong, J., & Felman, H. (2015). Perceived openness to experience accounts for religious homogamy. Social Psychological and Personality Science. DOI: 10.1177/1948550615574302

Jong, J. (2015). On (not) defining (non)religion. Science, Religion and Culture, 2, 15-24 .

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Jong, J. (2014, November 11). How not to criticise the (evolutionary) cognitive science of religion. Marginalia Review of Books. Retrieved from http://marginalia.lareviewofbooks.org/criticize-evolutionary-cognitive-science-religion/.

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