Dr Jacqueline Waldren

Research Affiliate

After years of living in Spain and organising art exhibitions, archaeological excavations and summer research programmes, Jackie came to Oxford to study anthropology. Her research among locals and foreigners on a Mediterranean island advanced tourism studies in anthropology.

Research interests

Ethnicity and identity; women and religion; tourism, development and modernisation; immigration and transnationalism; children and identity.

Current research: Gender, immigration and identity.

Recent activities

Recent seminar convenor for International Gender Studies; organiser of an International Women's Day event (IGS/QEH) in March 2010.

Series editor New Directions in Anthropology, Berghahn Books, UK and USA.

Jackie is Director of the Deia Archaeological Museum and Research Centre and DAMARC Foundation, Deia Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

Select publications

2010. 'Lifestyle after-thoughts' in M. Benson and K. O'Reilly (eds) Lifestyle Migrations: Expectations, Aspirations and Experiences. Ashgate Publishing, pp153-164.

2011. 'Ambiguous Foreigners: Neighbours Share More than Geographical Space' in C. Trundle and B. Bonish-Brednich (eds) Local Lives: Migration and the Micro-Politics of Place. Ashgate Publishing.

2011. 'Forward Into the Past: Digging the Balearic Islands' in J. Skinner and D. Theodossopoulos (eds) Great Expectations: Imagination, Anticipation and Enchantment in Tourism. Berghahn Books.

2012. Learning from the Children, J. Waldren and I.M. Kaminski (eds). Berghahn Books.

2012. 'Children Negotiating Identity in Mallorca'

Book Review 2012: Food and Identity in Early Rabbinic Judaism by Jordan Rosenblum in Hagar: Studies in Culture, Polity and Identities. Special issue. Food, Power and Meaning in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Vol 10(2)2012

Conference presentations

'A Spiritual Quest' to Mayalands
Tourism and the Seduction of Difference held at the Universidade de Lisbon in September 2010

Gender, Migration and Social Mobility in Mallorca
New Debates on Gender, Migration and Development: Linking Production and Reproduction Chains in Contemporary Mobility held at Maó, Menorca (Balearic Islands), Spain in October 2011

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