Dr Cory Rodgers

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Postdoctoral Affiliate

My research focuses on inclusive development policies and refugee-host dynamics in eastern Africa. Since 2015, I have worked primarily in Turkana County in north-western Kenya, the site of the decades-old Kakuma refugee camps as well as the more recently established Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement.

I am currently investigating how programmes intended to foster inclusivity and integration among refugees and hosts can instigate political conflicts over representation, as various stakeholders attempt to define a ‘host community’ out of an otherwise diverse population. For my doctoral work at Oxford, I undertook an ethnography of the development encounter in Turkana, with attention to the marginalisation of the pastoralist majority amidst education-based stratification and the rise of an urban political class.

Research interests: Inclusive Development, Local Integration, Camps and Settlements, Pastoralism