Dr Anne Katrine Kleberg Hansen

Anne Katrine Kleberg Hansen

Research Affiliate

Anne Katrine Kleberg Hansen is a medical historian specialising in the subject of fatness in Western European medicine. She holds a postdoctoral grant from the Carlsberg Foundation at the SAXO Institute at the University of Copenhagen.

Anne Katrine has researched the history of fatness from a range of perspectives and in different interdisciplinary settings. Her present project with the work-title “Picturing Fatness c. 1850-1998” probes how visual depictions have shaped medical knowledge. During the time leading up to WHO declaring obesity an epidemic in 1998 fatness was increasingly made an object of knowledge production within medicine. The project investigates different ways in which fatness as a phenomenon has been illustrated by and produced through, the use of images or other visual depictions.

Anne Katrine received her PhD degree in 2014 from the University of Copenhagen based on the thesis Fatness - Concepts and Perceptions in Western European Medicine c. 1700-1900. After that she was granted a short guest fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and has taught at the history department of the University of Copenhagen. She has also been part of the research project ’Governing Obesity’ funded by the University of Copenhagen’s Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research as a postdoc.