Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani

ali reza bhojani


Research Affiliate

Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani is Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education and Lecturer at the Al-Mahdi Institute where he is co-director of the Centre for Intra-Muslim Studies. His research, teaching and writing focuses on contemporary implications of Islamic legal theory, theology and ethics. His publications include Moral Rationalism and Shari’a: A Study of Independent Rationality in Modern Shi’i Usul al-fiqh (Routledge, 2015) and the co-edited volume Visions of Shari’a: Contemporary Discussions in Shi’i Legal Theory (Brill, 2020). He is also an honorary Research Fellow in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham and an elected council member of the British Association of Islamic Studies. Beyond his academic work, he regularly contributes to a range of knowledge exchange activities within Muslim communities, inter-faith settings and beyond.

 In Oxford he has been working with Dr Morgan Clarke since 2018 on a collaborative endeavour bringing together anthropological and theological approaches to better understand the lived practice of Sharia. An Initial case study was funded through the OUP John Fell Fund and focussed on the practice of Sharia amongst Khoja Shia Communities within the U.K alongside, and in conversation with, the jurisprudential scholarly discourse nominally informing this practice.


Email: ali-reza.bhojani@anthro.ox.ac.uk