Dora-Olivia Vicol

DPhil Student

St Antony's College

Thesis: Precarious workers, troubled nation - the reconfiguration of national attachment through precarious work. A case study of Romanian migrants in London

Research: Through a multi-sited ethnography conducted in a Romanian village and a North London neighbourhood with a high number of Romanian migrants, this project traces how the experience of working in precarious jobs mediated by co-nationals, configures migrants’ relation to their national community. I find that for migrants coming from rural areas where personal connections constitute the backbone of social mobility, their dependence on local gatekeepers in their experience across borders creates a particular relation of power which can be easily abused. Many are drawn into highly gendered trajectories into precarious work, normalised by the moral debt acquired towards those who helped pull them out of the village. By focusing on these relations between new Romanian migrants and their gatekeeper bosses, I explore the way migrants reconfigure their relations to their national community.

Other research interests: precarious work, EU migration, urban ethnography.

Vicol, D.O. and Allen, W. (2014) Bulgarians and Romanians in the British national pressThe Migration Observatory. University of Oxford.



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