Catherine Whittaker

Catherine Whittaker

MSc Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology (2012), now a PhD student

I have continued pursuing my passion for the anthropology of religion and am currently in the third year of my PhD studies in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. My research on local understandings of violence and "warrior women" in Central Mexico has recently been recognised with the NASA Emerging Leader in Anthropology Award of the American Anthropological Association. I am certain that my studies at Oxford have opened doors for me career-wise, but most of all, I cherish the personal connections I made, including making friends for life. It was, quite certainly, the best time of my life.

The attached picture depicts my participant observation of a weaving workshop in Villa Milpa Alta, south of Mexico City - I wove the (barely visible) headband myself, employing the backstrap-loom-weaving technique of revitalised Aztec tradition. My workshop mates were unconcerned about cultural appropriation and perceived my presence as a marker of prestige. 


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