Cory Rodgers

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DPhil Student

Keble College

Thesis: Rural, Remote, Raiya: Herders Living as “People of the Periphery” in Turkana, Kenya

Research: My work addresses the community resilience and the politics of belonging among rural herders in Turkana, northwestern Kenya. As urbanisation and rapid economic stratification have pushed many herding communities to the periphery, I am studying the ways that language, landscape, and livelihood create a basis for community formation around a shared sense of place and identity. My two years of fieldwork involved research across an urban-rural transect in Turkana County, with a focus on herders living on the remote plains near the Kenya-Uganda border. With the implementation of the Kalobeyei refugee settlement in Turkana West, I have also investigated the implications of these community dynamics for humanitarian and development practice, including self-reliance policies.

Other research interests: Mobility, pastoralism, social change, refugees, infrastructure


2018. Subaltern Identity as Community Resilience: The performative basis of pastoral persistence in Turkana’s rural periphery. At: Pastoralist Research Day, June 5th, African Studies Centre, University of Oxford

2017. The Divisions that Bind: Livelihood, Politics, and Nostalgia for Remote Places in Turkana, Kenya. At: 7th European Conference on African Studies, June 29th to July 1st, University of Basel, Switzerland

2017. Bottom-up Energy: The Politics of Refugee Infrastructure in Kakuma, Kenya. At: RSC Triennial Conference, March 16-17, Keble College, Oxford

2015. The Rise of Urban Centres Among "People of the Periphery": herders responding to devolution and development in Turkana. At: Rethinking Binaries in Kenya and East Africa, Oct 30-31, British Institute in East Africa, Nairobi


Cory is supervised by Professor Elisabeth Hsu and Dr David Turton


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