Elo Luik

Elo Luik

DPhil, Social and Cultural Anthropology

Wolfson College

Research: Elo’s ESRC funded research explores how the global business of cross border surrogacy is responding to attempts to regulate it. She is especially interested in the foreign clinics, specialist lawyers and international agents who facilitate such cross border surrogacy arrangements. She carried out fieldwork in India, which used to be the primary international hub for surrogacy but which, as a result of the introduction of restrictive legislation, is losing much of its business to other emerging destinations. Elo also carried out fieldwork in the UK to better understand why aspiring parents seek surrogacy in certain foreign destinations and how agents, the Internet and networks of support allow for those journeys to happen.

Other research interests: Technology, state, governance, law, morality, globalisation, global capitalism, assisted reproductive technologies, online communities, medical tourism, medical anthropology, research impact on governance.

2015 Elo was an ESRC funded research fellow at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. Her research looked at REF 2014 Impact Case Studies to identify pathways to impact of academic/scientific research on the work of Parliament. The report for this project is still in progress.

Since 2014- Elo has been a volunteer writer for BioNews UK.

Selected publications/presentations:

Luik, E. 2013. Speculating about fertility: future regulation and the business of assisted reproductive technologies. Presentation given at Speculation in India: seminar on imaginaries on Indian economies. University of Copenhagen.

Luik, E. 2012 Meaningful Pain: suffering and the narrative construction of pilgrimage experience on the Camino De Santiago. Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society. Vol. 37 Issue 2, p24-43.

Email: elo.luik@anthro.ox.ac.uk 




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