Dr Franck Düvell

Franck Düvell

Associate Professor and Senior Researcher

Franck Düvell is an Associate Professor and Senior Researcher at COMPAS, primarily working on projects in the Flows and DynamicsCitizenship and Belonging, and Welfare clusters.

He has a PhD in Sociology, and was research fellow at the European University Institute, Florence and the University of Exeter. Prior to coming to COMPAS he was a lecturer in sociology, geography and political science at the Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies (CEuS), University of Bremen and continues to be an associated fellow of CEuS

Franck has worked on irregular immigration, highly skilled migrants, health issues, and aspects of migration politics and management on EU and international level. He also works closely with migrants and refugee rights agencies all over Europe. Currently his projects include work on East West Migration and Transit Migration through Turkey and Ukraine.

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