Dr Emilie Le Febvre

Emilie Le Febvre

Postdoctoral Associate

Email: emilie.lefebvre@anthro.ox.ac.uk

Emilie Le Febvre is an anthropologist of visual/digital culture and Middle East society at the University of Oxford’s Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, where she is a Postdoctoral Associate Researcher.

She completed her DPhil in Anthropology at the University of Oxford in 2016. Her thesis is entitled ‘Tracing visual knowledge: the presence and value of images for Bedouin history and society in the Negev’. It is based on eighteen months of fieldwork and archival research funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation and the Palestinian American Research Center. The thesis documented the biographies of a collection of ‘historically significant images’ (c. 1906-2010) strategically circulated by Bedouin as evidence of their history and society over the last fifteen years.

Emilie’s current research re-examines classical anthropological topics (such as tribalism and visual culture) through the lens of historicity, politics, and visual/digital/archival practices. Most recently, she is developing the concepts of ‘visual historicity’ and ‘tribal assemblages’ to further understandings of sociality and representation in the Middle East. In addition to her academic efforts, she works as a grant writer and research consultant for NGOs, research projects, and exhibitions focusing on cultural heritage, minority politics, and women's issues in the region.

Areas of expertise:

Anthropology of the Middle East; construction of history and sociality; visual/digital/material culture; photographic practices and archives; media and representation; activisms and identity politics; and ethnographic theory and practice-based methods.

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