Dr Daniel Mullins

Daniel Mullins

Research Affiliate

Dan is a London-based anthropologist currently working on the Seshat: Global History Databank Project, which is rapidly establishing itself as the premier tool for examining longue-durée history and testing social scientific theories. He works as a part of a team of anthropologists, historians, archaeologists, classicists, computer scientists, and statisticians to examine prominent social scientific predictions by 1) redoubling efforts towards theoretical specificity and empirical testability and 2) combining cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative research methods to build high-quality comparative and historical datasets. His work on the evolution of literacy, religion, egalitarianism, and social complexity has featured in social scientific journals as well as popular media outlets.

Previously, Dan was a Research Fellow in the award-winning History Group at the University of Hertfordshire and as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Evolution Institute, where he applied evolutionary science to pressing social issues. His DPhil at ICEA under the supervision of Professor Harvey Whitehouse (2014) focused on the evolution of literacy and its relationship with human cooperation. 


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