Clare Harris' presentations in New Delhi, India, during September 2016

Professor Clare Harris will be giving talks at two events in New Delhi, India, during September 2016.

On 13 September, Clare Harris was among the speakers at the event 'My Favourite Object | My Dream Museum', which was held at the Goethe-Institute at 7pm. This talk forms part of the conference entitled 'Capacity Building: Museums in India', which is held at the Institute between 12 and 14 September. Details of Clare's talk can be found here.

On 21 September, Clare Harris gave a presentation entitled 'Picturing Terra Incognito: Photography, Geopolitics and Tibet', at the School of Arts and Aesthetics Auditorium in New Delhi at 5.30pm. During the talk, Clare discussed her forthcoming book, Photography and Tibet (Reaktion Books, October 2016).