Medical Anthropology podcasts

Medical Anthropology Research Seminar

Dr Nuno Faria (Department of Zoology, Oxford), 'Tracing the origins of the HIV/AIDS pandemic' (7 March 2016)

Professor Jonathan Wells (Childhood Nutrition Research Centre, UCL Institute of Child Health), 'Maternal capital and offspring development: an intergenerational perspective on the developmental origins of health and disease', 29 February 2016

Dr Charlotte K. Russell (Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, Department of Anthropology, Durham), 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome', 22 February 2016

Dr Emma Pomeroy (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge), 'Obstructed labour: the classic obstetric dilemma and beyond', 15 February 2016

Dr James G. Morgan (Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Leeds General Infirmary), 'The dawn of Darwinian critical care medicine', 8 February 2016

Dr Cristina Giuliani (Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine, Bologna), 'Inflammaging and its role in ageing and age-related diseases', 1 February 2016

Dr Ian Rickard (Department of Anthropology, Durham), 'The developmental origins of health and disease: adaptation reconsidered', 18 January 2016 

Dr Emily Henderson (Durham University), 'Cultural understandings of roles and responsibilities in addressing obesity' (3 February 2014) 

Professor Paul Martin (University of Nottingham), 'Reflections on geneticisation: social science and the making of biofutures' (6 February 2012) 

Dr Daniel Jong Schwekendiek (ISCA), 'Famine, food crisis and living standards in North Korea, 1940s-2000s' (5 February 2010)

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Dr Ann R. David (Department of Dance, Unversity of Roehampton), 'Transformation through Ritual: Bodies as Sacred Space' (18 January 2017)

Dr Katherine Swancutt, 'The ethnograhic dream': Doing fieldwork among native scholars and shamans

Assoc. Professor Marta Hanson (Institute for the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University), Epidemiological crises, epistemological divisions: the new discourse on epidemics in 17th-18th century China (7 March 2012)

A conference entitled 'The Viewpoint of the Technique: Managing Time and Crisis Resolution in Eastern Religions and Medicines' was held in January 2010. This ESRC-funded workshop supported the project 'Generating Synchronicity; Vitality and Relatedness in Southwest China'.

Two presentations are available as podcasts:

(Stéphane Gros Milieux, CNRS)

Unravelling the demon's knot: Zhineng Qigong's heart-mind methods for treating qigong deviation (Lim Chee-Han, National University of Singapore)

Cultural Evolution Workshop, 28 February 2017, Pitt Rivers Museum

'Culture evolves: Why, how and with what implications'

Professor Tim Lewens (University of Cambridge), delivered the keynote speech: 'The Concept of culture in cultural evolution'.

This conference, held at ICSA on 23-24 June 2011, marked the first ten years of Medical Anthropology at Oxford. It included presentations and panels by current and former students and staff, as well as invited discussants from the field of medical anthropology. Below you can listen to a number of podcasts from the conference.

Opening comments by Professor Stanley Ulijaszek [and Professor Elizabeth Hsu]

Beyond Language - Public Health Policy and Cultural Competency by Hannah Graff.

Building Partnerships - a career path in research coordination and capacity building by Dalia Iskander.

Implementing a Research Culture in the NHS by Olivier Bazin.

Maize, Men and New 'Medical' Models: Embodied Ecological Heritage and Health in Southern Belize by doctoral student Kristina Baines.

Moving from Efficacy to Safety: A changing focus in the study of Asian medical systems by Dr Barbara Gerke.

Healing earth and sacred clay among the Mun, SW Ethiopia by doctoral student Kate Fayers-Kerr.

Oxford's 'Two Bodies' in Medical Anthropology: Probing the Biological/Social Divide by Dr Caroline Potter (ISCA, Oxford).

Autopathographies - How 'sick lit' shapes knowledge and the illness experience by Dr Rachel Hall-Clifford (Primary Health Care, Oxford)

Lectures in Disease Ecology

Professor Stanley Ulijaszek (ISCA), Disease Transitions (13 November 2013)

Hilary 2019 series, combined with the COMPAS seminar: 'Reproduction Migrations in the Asia Pacific'

Brenda Yeoh (National University of Singapore), 'Global householding, care migration and the question of gender inequality' (11 March 2019)

Francis Collins (University of Waikato, New Zealand), 'Educational migration: youth, time and transformation' (4 March 2019)

Pei-Chia Lan (National Taiwan University), 'Childrearing as global security strategies: parenting, class and im/mobility in Taiwan and the United States' (25 February 2019)

Andrea Whittaker (Monash University, Australia), 'Assisted reproductive technologies and medical travel' (18 February 2019)

Sean Wang (Max Planck Institute, Berlin), 'Birth tourism from China and Taiwan to the United States: cosmopolitan strategies and aspirations' (11 February 2019)

Gracia Liu-Ferrar (Waseda University, Japan), 'Investment migration and social reproduction: the case of recent patterns of migration from China' (4 February 2019)

Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho (National University of Singapore), 'Grandparenting migration: reproduction, care circulations and care ethics across borders' (28 January 2019)

Elena Barabantseva (University of Manchester), 'Intimate geopolitics: migration, marriage and citizenship across Chinese borders' (21 January 2019)

Peidong Yang (National Institute of Education, Singapore), 'China in the global reproduction migration order: through the lens of international student mobility' (14 January 2019)


Michaelmas 2015 series: 'Miscarriage': a Social, Medical and Conceptual Problem

Marie-Françoise Besnier (University of Cambridge), The 'unfortunate Mesopotamian foetus': pregnancy loss and miscarriage in the ancient Near East (30 November 2015)

Ingrid Granne (Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Oxford), Does 21st-century technology change the experience of early pregnancy and miscarriage? (9 November 2015)

Susie Kilshaw (Department of Anthropology, University College London), Birds in heaven: social positioning of lost babies and heir mothers in Qatar (2 November 2015)

Raj Rai (Imperial College and St Mary's Hospital, London), Medical and psychological issues in the treatment of recurrent miscarriage: the role of clinical trials and ways of addressing the potential exploitation of vulnerable couples (26 October 2015)

Ginny Mounce (Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Oxford), 'Paying attention to the journey': couples' experiences of investigating and starting infertility treatments (19 October 2015)

Michaelmas 2014 series: Infant Feeding: Nurture and Nourishment

Bronwen Gillespie (University of Sussex), Negotiating nutrition: from baby to toddler in the Peruvian Andes (13 October 2014)

Leah Astbury (University of Cambridge), Hiring a wet nurse in seventeenth-century England (20 October 2014)

Margaret Carlyle (University of Cambridge), Breastpump technology and 'natural' motherly milk in Enlightenment France (27 October 2014)

Christine McCourt and Juliet Rayment (London City University), Bangladeshi women's experiences of infant feeding in Tower Hamlets (3 November 2014) 

Sarah O'Neill (Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp), How to protect your newborn from neonatal death: spirits and infant feeding practices in the Gambia (10 November 2014)

Alice Reid (University of Cambridge), Infant feeding and child health and survival in early twentieth-century England (24 November 2014)

Michaelmas Term 2013 series: Generational Change in Reproductive Cultures

Ekaterina Hertog (University of Oxford), 'I did not know how to tell my parents, so I thought I would have to have an abortion': intergenerational negotiations of premarital pregnancies in Japan (25 November 2013)


Elizabeth Rahman (University of Oxford), Caring and being cared for in north-western Amazonia (4 November 2013) 

Charlotte Faircloth (University of Kent), Contextualising the 'new parenting culture': historical and sociological perspectives on adult-child relations (21 October 2013) 

Angela Davis (University of Warwick), Generational change and continuity amongst British mothers: the sharing of beliefs, knowledge and practice, c.1940-1990 (14 October 2013)

Michaelmas Term 2011

Soraya Tremayne (Director of the FRSG), The 'down side' of assisted reproductive technologies: Third party donation and the 'happy family' rhetoric in Iran (17 November 2011)