UBVO Workshop: Food, Activity, and Mental Health in the Year of Coronavirus

Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (UBVO) Workshop

Wednesday, November 4, 2-4pm


Meeting ID: 860 1068 7263
Passcode: 855022

This workshop will cover preliminary results from the rapid-response project 'Identifying Changes in Household Eating and Physical Activity Patterns in England's Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown', with commentary and perspectives from international food systems researchers.

Amy McLennan
Australian National University
Unexpected items in bagging area: Lockdown shopping and the invisible ways tech is shaping our food system

Paulina Nowicka and Karin Eli
Uppsala University and University of Warwick
Childhood obesity during a global pandemic: Exploring parents' experiences of stress, change, and everyday disruption

Caroline Potter and Sabine Parrish
University of Oxford
Identifying changes in household eating and activity patterns during the Covid-19 pandemic