UBVO Workshop: Coffee and (New) Foodways in East Africa

Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (UBVO) Workshop Michaelmas 2021

Coffee and (New) Foodways in East Africa

Friday, 12 November
Livestream available 9:30-12
In-person attendees should arrive at 9am. 

Pre-registration is required.

Registration available here.

The UBVO Michaelmas Workshop for 2021 will bring together academics and coffee industry professionals and focus on the theme of coffee and power in East Africa. Presentations will cover how coffee and coffee production have shaped regional foodways and together we will ask what the futures of coffee consumption and production look like in Africa.

Speakers: Prof Simone Cinotto (University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy), Dr Elizabeth Ewart (University of Oxford), Dr Wolde Tadesse (University of Oxford), Matthew Jordan (Gorongosa Coffee, Mozambique), Sylvere Mwizerwa (Rwacof Exports, Rwanda), Florence Nakazi (Economic Policy Research Centre, Uganda). 

Convenors: Prof Stanley Ulijaszek (University of Oxford), Dr Sabine Parrish (City, University of London).


(All times given are UK time)

9:30 — Welcome remarks and overview
Session 1: What does coffee do (to landscapes and to people)?
9:40 — The caffeinated empire: Coffee and gastrofascism in Italian East Africa, 1935-1941 | Simone Cinotto
10:00 — Shade and water: Growing enset and growing coffee in southern Ethiopia | Elizabeth Ewart and Wolde Tadesse
10:20 — Session discussion, moderated by Stanley Ulijaszek
10:40 — Break
Session 2: Who is coffee for?
11:00 — Start-up culture for poverty alleviation in Mozambique: A coffee story | Matthew Jordan
11:20 — Changing trends in African coffee consumption | Sylvere Mwizerwa and Florence Nakazi
11:40 — Session discussion, moderated by Sabine Parrish