The Tarai's Aspirations in Federal Nepal: The Hopes and Demands of Madheshi Youth

Born and brought up in a remote village of the Tarai, the southern region of Nepal, Dr. C. K. Raut holds a PhD in Information Engineering from Cambridge University. He worked as a senior scientist in the area of computational linguistics in the USA, prior to returning to Nepal in 2011. Despite following the principles of non-violence of Buddha and Gandhi, he has been repeatedly arrested and confined by house-arrest, until his release from jail on 7th March 2018. He thens signed an 11-point deal with the Government of Nepal and joined mainstream politics, heading the Janamat Party. He has authored Madhesh Ka Itihaas (A History of Madhesh), Madhesh Swaraj, and Vairaag Dekhi Vachav Samma (From Denial to Defence). He also directed a documentary 'Black Buddhas' highlighting the issues of the borderland communities of Nepal. While in jail he penned A Foot to Stand, A Word to Speak (in English). He was a recipient of the national honour 'Mahendra Vidya Bhooshan' from the former King of Nepal.

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