Rituals of refurbishment: an introduction

It will soon be the 50th anniversary of Philip Rawson’s influential Tantra exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. The Arts Council archived the enthusiastic responses of art critics, life-style commentators and alternative health advocates but made no photographic documentation of the exhibition itself. Last year’s extensive refurbishment of the Hayward triggered my own memories of Rawson’s tantric transformation of this major venue for ‘cutting-edge’ art. As a result, the Kathakali performer Janaki Nair and I have been exploring this pioneering curator’s engagement with the experimental nature of collection-holding practices - after all, just about everything in his innovative Tantra show came out of a museum.

VMMA-Pitt Rivers Museum Seminar Series Hilary 2019

Pitt Rivers Museum Lecture Theatre (off Robinson Close)

Fridays at 1pm (Weeks 1-8)

Convened by Clare Harris and Chris Morton