Race, Ethnicity and Migration: Critical Perspectives from the Global North and Global South

Dalits in America: Changing landscape of Caste, Geography and Dignity

Suraj Yengde

Bio: Dr. Suraj Yengde is one of India's leading public intellectuals and a noted scholar of caste. He is the author of the bestseller Caste Matters and co-editor of award winning anthology The Radical in Ambedkar. Suraj is currently a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and an inaugural postdoctoral fellow at the Initiative for Institutional Anti-racism and Accountability (IARA) at Harvard University. Suraj is a published author in the field of caste, race, ethnicity studies, and inter-regional labor migration in the global south. Currently, he is involved in developing a critical theory of Dalit and Black Studies. Suraj is an academic activist and a noted public intellectual in the transnational movement of Dalit rights. He is actively involved in building solidarity between Dalit, Black, Roma, Indigenous, Buraku and Refugee people’s in the Fourth World project of marginalized peoples.

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COMPAS Michaelmas 2020 Seminar Series

Thursdays at 4pm (Weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7) on Zoom. Joining links will be added above.

Race, Ethnicity and Migration

Convened by Bani Gill and Marie Mallet-Garcia

Recent events such as the Windrush scandal, Black Lives Matter movement and the Rhodes Must Fall initiative have sparked a global conversation on racial inequality and systemic violence. As an interdisciplinary research centre, COMPAS recognizes the urgent need to build upon this momentum by critically reflecting on issues of race, racialization and ethnicity as embedded in, shaping and transforming diverse contexts of migration and mobility across the world. In this regard, COMPAS is organizing a seminar series on ‘Race, Ethnicity and Migration’ in the Michaelmas term.