Postcards, labels, and everyday objects (or: experiments in collaborative transnational curation)

Global Gender and Cultures of Equality (GlobalGRACE) is a four-year project in which six research teams in six different countries are deploying arts-based and multi-sensory methods to investigate the production of cultures of equality and enable gender positive approaches to well-being. Transnational exchange is central to GlobalGRACE project goals—and is a process fraught with challenges as much as it is replete with possibilities.

In this presentation, GlobalGRACE researcher Dr Siobhán McGuirk will explain how she and her colleagues are approaching their work together on one major project goal: the creation, and curation, of a “global museum of equality”. Her presentation will focus on the recent smaller scale exhibition, Exchanging Cultures of Equality, held in June 2018 to mark the GlobalGRACE launch. The presentation will highlight how chosen devices and modalities of exhibiting functioned within the exhibition to reflect some of the aforementioned challenges and possibilities, simultaneously showcasing insights from the six research sites and processes of exchange. It will focus on three particular elements, exploring the ways in which postcards, objects and labels—devices that have, in different ways, sustained colonial ideologies—might be reimagined and subverted within a museological context, and in the production of cultures of equality.

VMMA-Pitt Rivers Museum SeminarSeries Michaelmas 2018

Pitt Rivers Museum Lecture Theatre (off Robinson Close)

Fridays at 1pm (Weeks 1-8)

Convened by Gemma Angel and Marcus Banks