Marriage, Migration and the Labor of Alignment: A Malagasy Perspective

Female migration in which a woman from a poor country marries a man of a different ethnicity and background who lives in a wealthier nation has largely been understood through the lens of care work. Rather less explored are the profound ways that kinship and cosmology shape this type of feminized migration. Drawing on long term fieldwork in France and Madagascar, this paper examines transnational marriages between Malagasy women and white French men. Emphasizing women’s crucial role as both wives and daughters, and their position as intermediaries between distinct social networks, the paper develops the notion of the ‘labor of alignment’ to capture the fraught but also transformative nature of women’s efforts to link their disparate worlds.

Departmental Seminar Series Trinity 2023

3.15pm, Fridays of Weeks 1-3 and 5-6. On Teams only in Week 2.

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Convened by Akanksha Awal.

The Seminar is replaced in Week 4 by the lecture 'Anthropology, Philosophy and Symmetrisation', given by Philippe Descola in Maison Française d'Oxford at 3pm.