Marina Abramović at the Pitt Rivers Museum

The doyenne of performance art, Marina Abramović (b.1945 in Belgrade, lives and works in New York), presents a site-specific installation at the Pitt Rivers Museum, featuring video and drawings inspired by the global collections of the museum. Inserted in the heart of this world-leading museum of anthropology and archaeology, the artist's work sets up a dialogue with its historic displays. It is also an opportunity to see the museum in a new way, through the eyes of a leading figure in the contemporary art world.

The installation was developed following a research residency that Marina Abramović undertook at the Pitt Rivers in 2021, in collaboration with Modern Art Oxford. The residency inspired her Gates and Portals exhibition, which also opens at Modern Art Oxford in September 2022.


The Pitt Rivers Museum is filled with tens of thousands of treasures reflecting the diversity and richness of cultures from all over the world. My research there could be never-ending. 

Marina Abramović

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