Development: a brief adventure

Abstract: In the mid 1960s I began fieldwork in rural Panama with an interest in economy and development. I knew little about either one, especially development, and what I did know had little relevance to what I encountered, In Panama I unexpectedly lived in a seedbed of development efforts that blossomed in the latter part of the century although in other locales. I present the story of my adventures in development that took me from one Cambridge to the other, to Washington and to the field, as I learned about unpredictable encounters and consequences of actions, and their connections to centres of power. I still do not know what development "really" means but will close with a few thoughts about my aspirations for all economies.

ISCA Seminar Series Michaelmas 2018

Lecture Theatre, 64 Banbury Road

3.15pm, Fridays (Weeks 1-8)

Convened by Stanley Ulijaszek and Thomas Cousins