Constructing Who is Japanese: A Study of Social Markers of Acceptance in Japan and Beyond

Professor Adam Komisarof will share his latest research findings about social markers of acculturation (SMA) in Japan (and beyond). SMA constitute culturally-constructed criteria, in this case among Japanese people, for accepting immigrants in society to the same extent that they do native-born Japanese. SMA include specific types of knowledge and skills (such as “Japanese common sense” or language proficiency), attitudes, attributes, and adherence to behavioral norms. Prof. Komisarof will not only identify the SMA most important to Japanese participants in his study, but also explain the predictors (such as perceived threat or intercultural contact) that most prominently influenced which markers they deemed important. Finally, he will present SMA in a broader context, comparing his findings in Japan to those in 5 other countries: Germany, Singapore, Finland, Canada, and Australia.