Changing Views of a Changing World

Evans-Pritchard Lecture

Full title: Changing Views of a Changing World: A Relation to Territories, Resources and Landscape in the Context of Holocene Environmental Changes

The series is entitled: Saharan Rock Art: An Archaeology of Relational Ontologies in North African Prehistory

Archaeological data testify to the flourishing cultural development of Late Prehistoric communities during the last favourable interval in North Africa, before the large-scale desertification process that affected the Sahara around 3500 BC. This interval was also the moment for major transformations in the long-term history of Africa, with the adoption of pastoralism that made North African populations shift from a hunter-gatherer to a semi-nomadic pastoralist way of life. Based on the fieldwork I have conducted in the Eastern Sahara, this series of lectures aims to explore postPleistocene adaptations through the lens of transformations of the social world. How did the last hunters and the first pastoralists perceive and conceive the world and their relation to the world? What changes in their worldviews accompanied the development of the earliest African pastoralism?

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All lectures take place at 5.00 pm in the Old Library, All Souls College