School grants for DPhil skills training

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Fieldwork skills awards

Under a concessionary scheme, the School is currently able to make available small grants to contribute to the costs of certain externally provided skills training for SAME-registered research students preparing to do major fieldwork (i.e. PRS/D.Phil. and M.Litt. students, but not students on any of the M.St., M.Sc. or M.Phil. courses). Fieldwork skills awards are subject to the following conditions: 

·         The training is essential for the degree and research they are pursuing.

·         The costs involved are reasonable, up to a maximum of £750 per application.

Examples of eligible training include language-training at the University Language Centre (at 12 Woodstock Road) or (with good reason) elsewhere, and specialized training in the use of specific equipment.

Conference attendance awards

Additionally limited funds are available to support SAME-registered research students wishing to accept an invitation to present a poster or paper at a conference (i.e. not just wishing to attend a conference). Conference attendance awards are subject to the following conditions:

·         The applicant will be giving a paper at the conference.

·         A copy of the invitation to present is supplied.

·         Proof is presented that other funding options (e.g. college or conference funds) have been explored and are unavailable or insufficient.

·         The costs involved are reasonable, up to a maximum of £250 per application.

Application procedure

Application for these schemes should be by letter, endorsed by the student’s supervisor and setting out the costs involved, to the Director of Graduate Studies, who will verify academic need. The financial case will then be assessed by the School Administrator before final approval is given or withheld.

The schemes are subject to a budget maximum in any given year. Since the schemes are concessionary, not statutory, they may be withdrawn at any time at the School’s sole discretion. Students have no automatic entitlement to these funds and have to apply for them in each case in the manner outlined above. Only one application per student permitted in any academic year (Aug-Jul).


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