Various funding possibilities are available for post-graduate study in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography. These pages provide information on travel grants and studentships administered by the department.

For other sources of funding at Oxford University, please click here. For a searchable data base of university and college scholarships and bursaries, please click here.

 Three ESRC studentships will be allocated to the Migration Studies pathway each year until 2016. These will be either for 1+3 (MSc in Migration Studies or MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies + DPhil) or for +3 (directly for a DPhil in a migration-related topic). It will be necessary to apply separately to the university, for which please apply here, and for the ESRC grant. Available 2016. 

Further details here

MPhil Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences (St Cross College)

St Cross College is offering two MPhil scholarships in the Social Sciences for entry in 2017-2018.

Further details.

There is also a special MPhil scholarship offered by St Cross College for entry in 2017-2018 - The Harun Ur Rashid Memorial Scholarship.

Further details.

Applications for Writing Up Bursaries are welcomed in Michaelmas and sometimes Hilary terms. The bursaries are intended for the School's DPhil students in the final stages of their theses in order to enable them to submit in a timely manner. When the bursaries are available, details of how to apply will be placed here.


Dipankara Buddha statue in the main shrine of Tanga Baha, Lalitpur (David Gellner)

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