Forms for transfers, confirmations, suspensions and extensions of status, change of supervisor etc.

There are many Graduate Studies forms relating to Anthropology which are on the University main website

The student is primarily responsible for filling these forms at the appropriate times and in the appropriate circumstances, as well as for making sure that they are signed by the whole range of individuals or authorities indicated on them (usually self, as well as the current or new supervisor, the college, the director of graduate studies, and possibly others). Once the form is complete, it should be returned to the general office for copying. The copies will then be filed in ISCA and the originals sent by ISCA staff to GSO.

MSc to MPhil or vice versa

  • GSO 28, 'Change of programme of study'. This form is for transfers between different taught courses (including between departments). Do not use GOS 2 for these transfers.

MSc to PRS or MPhil to DPhil

  • Standard admissions form.

MLitt or PRS to DPhil; PRS to MLitt

  • GSO 2, 'Application to transfer status'. This is the form to use for upgrading research students. Do not use it for anyone who has been doing, or is transferring to, any taught course.
  • GSO 2b, deferral of Transfer of Status.

Confirmation of DPhil student status

  • GSO 14, 'Application to confirm DPhil status'
  • GSO 14b, 'Application for deferral of confirmation of DPhil status

SAME internal forms

Other forms:

  • GSO 3, appointment of examiners (for doctoral and MLitt vivas)
  • GSO 6, to change title
  • GSO 8, dispensation from statutory residence
  • GSO 15, extension of time
  • GSO 16, early examination (for doctoral and MLitt vivas)
  • GSO 17, suspension of status
  • GSO 17a, confirmation of return from suspension of status
  • GSO 18, extension of time to complete minor corrections (post-viva)
  • GSO 23, reinstatement to the register of graduate students
  • GSO 25, change of supervisor or appointment of joint supervisor
  • GSO 29, notification of withdrawal from programme of study

GSO (Graduate Studies Office) numbers can normally be found in the top right-hand corner of the first page of the form. The whole list of forms is accessible from Central Administration, from where forms can also be downloaded.

NB: the ‘student number' (OSS number) on these forms is not the University card number (always a seven-figure number beginning with ‘2') but the number of your student record. It usually consists of from four to six figures and may start with any number. It is the number found on student report forms, and it is also entered by GAO on the original application forms. If in doubt, ask in the ISCA general office or leave blank.

Feedback forms for taught courses

Feedback form can be downloaded here.

Training Needs Analysis form

The TNA form can be downloaded here.


Nava Durga dancers enter the potting town of Thimi, Nepal, in 1983 (David Gellner)

Fieldwork and Insurance; Ethics

Before leaving for fieldwork the Head of Department must sign the Safety in Fieldwork and Ethics (CUREC) forms for students and staff.

All students must also fill out a risk assessment and travel forms.

Please visit the Safety, Fieldwork and Ethics section of the School website for full details and forms.

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