The Coronavirus and Mobility Forum

The Coronavirus and Mobility Forum, spearheaded and hosted by Professor Biao Xiang, is now live on the COMPAS website. This rich resource of blogs and videos explores issues and research questions around mobility and Covid-19.

The forum facilitates discussion among researchers from multiple disciplines across the world to deepen our understandings of the crisis, and to explore new tools in migration research that will help us to make sense of the fast-moving world. 

We conceive mobility broadly, including: cross-border migration as well as within a country; daily commutes and family mobility; mobile work (e.g. taxi drivers and delivery workers); and mobile lifestyles (e.g. travelling communities and tourists). Apart from the movement of people, we also consider the movement of goods such as equipment and medical samples. Immobility is equally important as we witness the erection of borders and boundaries of all kinds during the pandemic.

Visit the Forum here.