Dace Dzenovska's co-edited Hot Spots series is now published on the Cultural Anthropology website

Dace Dzenovska (with Larisa Kurtović) has co-edited a Hot Spots series entitled 'Lessons for Liberalism from the 'Illiberal East''. Bringing together a number of anthropologists of the postsocialist world (including Alexei YurchakMadeleine Reeves, Maya Nadkarni, Doug RogersNeringa KlumbytėMonica Eppinger, Kristen Ghodsee, Bruce O'Neill, Fabio Mattioli, Karolina S. FollisLarisa Kurtović and others), these short interventions cast a critical light on the contemporary crisis of the 'actually existing liberalism' from the vantage point of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The Hot Spots have now been published on the Cultural Anthropology website.