Congratulations to DPhil Austin Argentieri published in Epigenomics

Many congratulations to our DPhil student Austin Argentieri, whose paper 'The contribution of ethnography to epigenomics research: toward a new bio-ethnography for addressing health disparities'  has been published in Epigenomics. The paper is co-authored with Margaret Lock.

In the paper, published this week, Austin Argentieri and Margaret Lock outline methods for incorporating ethnographic and anthropological methods into scientific work in epigenomics and molecular epidemiology. This approach, which the authors refer to as 'bio-ethnography', aims to engage with underrepresented communities and their experiences within the context of large-scale scientific and biological research in order to better understand the biological consequences of inequality, social suffering, and environmental disadvantage. Published in a leading scientific journal focused on epigenomics research, this paper is meant to introduce the value of ethnographic work to the scientific and biological science communities as a method that can identify and contextualize the most salient dimensions of the environment that are affecting local communities. The article is published open access and can be accessed online at this link.