Appendix 8: Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

0th week                                  This is the week preceding the first week of term. Events and deadlines may fall in 0th week; if you have left Oxford for the vacation you should return during 0th week

Candidate number                The number you will use during Examinations. It is issued by Examination Schools in Hilary Term and it is different from your eVision number

COMPAS                                 Centre on Migration, Policy and Society

CUREC                                     The Central University Research Ethics Committee responsible for providing review and approval of ethics applications

eVision                                    The student self-service gateway

eVision number                     The number on your University card. This is the number next to the photo, not the number above the barcode.

GSR                                          Graduate Supervision Reporting system – the GSR is used by supervisors each term to review, monitor and comment on their students' academic progress and to assess skills and training needs. Students are given the opportunity to contribute by commenting on their own academic progress.

Hilary Term                             Second term; 8 weeks, starting in early January; Hilary Term is often abbreviated as HT.


SAME Garden Party             The SAME social event of the year. It normally takes place in 8th week of Trinity Term, after exams are completed.

ISCA                                        Institute of Social & Cultural Anthropology

JCC                                          Joint Consultative Committee: this is a forum made up of student representatives from each degree; students are invited to offer suggestions and raise concerns to their degree representatives who are expected to raise these at JCC meetings. JCC representatives are elected in Michaelmas Term. Details of elections will be circulated by e-mail. The JCC meets once per term, and committee meetings are attended by a selection of academic members of staff. Minutes from the JCC are discussed at Teaching Committee and ISCA Committee.

Michaelmas Term                  First term of the academic year; 8 weeks, starting in early October. Michaelmas Term is often abbreviated as MT.

ODID                                       Oxford Department of International Development

OUAS                                      Oxford University Anthropological Society

OUSU                                      As a student at Oxford, you automatically become a member  the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU). For more information go to

Paper                                      This is what in many other Universities might be called a ‘course’. Traditionally ‘papers’ are examined towards the end of Trinity term by means of a three-hour exam. However, many papers are assessed by coursework submission in the form of an essay or take-home exam.

PRM                                        Pitt Rivers Museum

PRM LT                                    Pitt Rivers Museum Lecture Theatre, accessed through Robinson Close

Proctors                                  There are two Proctors each year, and four Pro-Proctors. These are senior officers of the University, elected by their colleges to serve for one year with particular oversight of examinations, conduct and welfare.

RSL                                          Radcliffe Science Library, located on Parks Road

SAME                                      School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography

SSD                                          Social Science Division

SSL                                          Social Sciences Library; located in Manor Road Building on Manor Road.

Sub-fusc                                 This is the term for the clothing worn for special occasions such as Matriculation and for Examinations. It consists of the following:

  •                                           Dark suit with dark socks
    •                                Dark skirt with black tights or stockings, or

Dark trousers with dark socks plus

Dark coat if required

Black shoes

Plain white collared shirt or blouse

White bow tie or black ribbon

Students serving in HM Forces are permitted to wear their uniform together with a gown.

In each case these are worn with cap (‘mortar board’) and the graduate students’ gown if you do not already hold an Oxford degree, or if you hold an Oxford degree already, the gown, hood and cap of the highest degree that you hold.

Trinity Term                           Third term; 8 weeks, starting in April. Trinity Term is often abbreviated as TT.