Appendix 1: Feedback on formative and summative assessment for taught-course programmes

Feedback on both formative and summative assessment is an important element of all programmes at Oxford and may be provided informally and/or formally. Feedback on formative assessment e.g. course essays or assignments, should provide guidance to those for whom extended pieces of writing are unfamiliar forms of assessment, will indicate areas of strength and weakness in relation to an assessment task, and will provide an indication of the expectations and standards towards which students should be working. Feedback on summative assessment e.g. theses and dissertations, should provide a critical review of the work and provide suggestions for improvements and future development of the topic of research to enable students to develop their work for doctoral study if appropriate.


Students can expect to receive feedback on their progress and on their formatively assessed work as a regular part of tutorials and supervision meetings, including marking up essays or draft chapters of theses. All students will also receive formal written feedback on any dissertation or thesis of 5000 words or over, submitted in the final term of the course, normally by e-mail after the completion of the marking.