Appendix 4: Options

A list of the options available to taught-course students (except the MSc Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology) will be issued early in Michaelmas term. They are divided into the following categories:

The Social Anthropology of a Selected Region  

Topics in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology 

Themes in Anthropology

The option papers are normally taught in Hilary term, with some options continuing into the first half of Trinity term; there is some variation in supervisors’ practices. However, options are usually taught in a class or seminar format, with possibly a lecture in addition; tutorials will be fewer, and may be dispensed with entirely. Students should expect to give presentations to a class on materials they have been given to read, in some cases on a weekly basis. Some options are taken with students in other departments and/or studying for other degrees (including undergraduates).


Who must do what:

MSc and first-year MPhil students in Social Anthropology: Two options.

MSc and first-year MPhil students in VMMA: One option.

MSc and  first-year students in MPhil in Medical Anthropology: One option.

Second-year MPhil students in VMMA and Social Anthropology: One option except that or those in which you were examined in your first year.


NB: options not available for:

Second-year MPhil students in Medical Anthropology, and MSc students in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology.

The options available in the current academic year will be presented at the Options Fair on Monday of Week 4 of Michaelmas Term. Students are required to indicate their option choices by the deadline at noon on Friday of Week 5 of Michaelmas Term on the form provided. In some circumstances (e.g. in preparation for future research) students may be permitted to substitute an option course in another department with close links to SAME, such as ODID, OSGA, or SOGE, for a SAME option course, but this would depend on a number of factors, including supervisor support and compatible examination arrangements.