Academic Staff

Dr Alexandra Alvergne


Prof Bridget Anderson

COMPAS, Deputy Director and Professor of Migration and Citizenship

Prof Marcus Banks


Dr Neil Carrier


Dr Susana Carvalho

ICEA and Human Sciences

Dr Morgan Clarke


Dr Emma Cohen


Dr Inge Daniels


Dr Franck Duvell


Dr Dace Dzenovska


Dr Paola Esposito


Dr Elizabeth Ewart


Dr Laura Fortunato


Prof David Gellner

Head of School

Dr Andrew Gosler

Deputy Director of IHS

Prof Clare Harris


Dr Thomas Hendriks

ISCA, African Studies Centre

Prof Elisabeth Hsu

Director of ISCA

Prof Michael Keith

COMPAS Director

Dr Javier Lezaun


Dr Christopher Morton

ISCA and Pitt Rivers Museum

Dr Zuzanna Olszewska


Dr Robert Parkin

ISCA Director of Graduate Studies

Prof Laura Peers


Dr David Pratten

ISCA, African Studies

Prof Steve Rayner

InSIS Director

Dr Ramon SarrĂ³


Dr Mohammad Talib

ISCA and Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Prof Stanley Ulijaszek


Dr Laura Van Broekhoven

Director of the Pitt Rivers Museum

Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva


Prof Harvey Whitehouse

Director of ICEA

Prof Biao Xiang


Prof David Zeitlyn



Dr Krishna Adhikari (ISCA)
Dr Will Allen (COMPAS)
Dr Rob Bellamy (InSIS)
Dr Louise Bezuidenhout (InSIS)
Dr Michael Buhrmester (ICEA)
Dr Myriam Cherti (COMPAS)
Dr Oliver Scott Curry (ICEA)
Dr Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos (COMPAS)
Dr Sara de Wit (InSIS)
Dr Franck Duvell (COMPAS)
Dr Karin Eli (ISCA)
Dr Leslie Fesenmyer (COMPAS)
Dr Michael Gilmont (InSIS)
Dr Chris Goldsworthy (InSIS)
Dr Stephanie Grohmann (ICEA)
Dr Sophie Haines (InSIS)
Dr Nicola Headlam (COMPAS)
Dr Rohan Kapitany (ICEA)
Dr Zovanga Kone (COMPAS)
Dr Stephen Leonard (Leverhulme Research Fellow, ISCA)
Dr Lydia Luncz (Leverhulme Research Fellow, ICEA)
Dr Yvonni Markaki (COMPAS)
Dr Ammara Maqsood (ESRC Research Fellow, ISCA)
Dr Yo Nakawake (ICEA)
Dr Patrick Savage (ICEA)
Dr Nicholas Simcik Arese (COMPAS)
Dr Sarah Spencer (COMPAS)
Dr Mark Stanford (ICEA)
Dr Madeleine Sumption (COMPAS)
Dr Ayumi Takenaka (COMPAS)
Dr Nicholas J Van Hear (COMPAS)
Dr Valerie van Mulukom (ICEA)
Dr Carlos Vargas Silva (COMPAS)
Dr Bastian Vollmer (COMPAS)
Dr Ina Zharkevich (Leverhulme Research Fellow, ISCA)

Anthropologists based in other departments

Dr Walter Armbrust

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Prof Georgina Born

Faculty of Music

Prof Jo Boyden

Oxford Department of International Development

Prof Dawn Chatty

Refugee Studies Centre

Dr Miriam Driessen


Prof Matthew Erie

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Prof Roger Goodman

Nissan Institute

Dr Sondra Hausner

Faculty of Theology

Prof Cecilia Heyes

Department of Experimental Psychology

Dr Dan Hicks

Pitt Rivers Museum/School of Archaeology

Dr Cressida Jervis Read

Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine

Dr Philip Kreager

Institute of Human Sciences

Dr Anna Lora-Wainwright

School of Geography and the Environment

Dr Nicolette Makovicky

School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies

Prof Eric T. Meyer

Oxford Internet Institute

Dr David Mills

Department of Education

Dr Katherine Morris

Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Fernanda Pirie

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

Dr Caroline Potter

Nuffield Department of Population Health

Dr Elizabeth Rahman

Oxford Department of International Development

Dr Laura Rival

Anthropology of Development (ODID) and Linacre College

Dr Salla Sariola

Nuffield Department of Population Health

Dr Judith Scheele

All Souls College

Dr Alison Shaw

Department of Public Health and Primary Care

Dr Claudio Sopranzetti

All Souls College

Prof Jason Stanyek

Faculty of Music

Dr Clarinda Still

School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies

Dr Thomas Thornton

School of Geography and the Environment

Support Staff

Shadi Alsamhouri

IT Officer

Kate Atherton

PA to Head of School; School PR Officer

Gail Brown

ICEA Project Administrator

Neil Clarke

Personnel and Departmental Safety Officer

Vicky Dean

Graduate Studies Administrator

Suza Frank

Deputy Administrator (Finance)

Nathan Grassi

COMPAS receptionist

Mark Gunther

School Finance Officer

Robert Highman

IT Manager

Vicky Kingsman

Development Manager for COMPAS

Gil Middleton

Head of Administration and Finance

Dr Iain Morley

Academic Coordinator

Chris O'Shea

Senior IT Officer

Martin Pevsner

Reception and Tylor Library

Stacey Richardson

InSIS, Administrator

Sarah-Jane White

IHS Academic Administrator

Dr Jessica Williams

Administrator of ICEA


Lakhe (demon) dancer during the Gai Jatra festival, Lalitpur, Nepal, 1983 (David Gellner)


Head of School:
Professor David Gellner

Director of Graduate Studies:
Dr Bob Parkin
Dr Parkin is also the initial departmental contact for matters relating to college concerns, disability and careers.

Head of Administration and Finance:
Gil Middleton

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