Tamás Dávid-Barrett

Tamás is an economist working on network models of group dynamics. In particular, he focuses on agent-based models of information synchronisation. He aims to provide dynamics for (a) multiple layers in Dunbarian groups, (b) endogenous status hierarchy and social stratification, (c) signalling exclusive group identity, (d) group size consequences of the evolution of processing capacity of third party information.

Parallel to his work in anthropology, Tamás works on network simulation of crisis contagion in the world economy. His models use multiple channels of financial and real economy contagion, and focus on the institutional consequences on both local and global levels.

Tamás's work on the evolution of human society, and the dynamics of the global economy are organically related. He thinks that in the future it may be possible to describe globalisation as an 85,000-year long  process, within one coherent framework.

Tamás Dávid-Barrett's global economics blog.

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Tamás Dávid-Barrett

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