Dr Sonia Lam-Knott

My doctoral research examined the activism of Hong Kong youths known as the Post-80s, showing that youths are ‘protesting’ not only as an act of rejecting mainstream politics, but also as a means to realise their desire for a different form of politics to emerge in the city. Bringing youth voices to the forefront, two broad themes were addressed—why youths express a deep sense of dissatisfaction towards the existing political culture and political hierarchies in the city, and how the Post-80s challenge these conditions by positing a form of alternative politics predicated on individualistic self-representation through the self, body, and space. Of interest include themes such as the influence of moral frames in shaping activists' choice to protest, the use of performance art to challenge conventional forms of expressive politics, and the creation of experimental political sites in the city. For future projects, I hope to examine the link between postcolonial politics, urban space, nostalgia, and consumption practices in East Asia.


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