Dr Kristine Eck

Kristine Eck is an Asst. Professor at the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University. She also holds a position as a Lecturer at the Department of Security, Strategy, and Leadership at the Swedish National Defense College, and was previously a Kroc Fellow at the University of Notre Dame. She is an affiliate of the Uppsala Conflict Data Program. She received her PhD from Uppsala University.

Her research interests focus on the organization and behavior of actors in armed conflict. She is currently leading two projects. The first, funded by Swedish Research Council, focuses on the agents and targets of state repression. The second, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, is concerned with the suppression of dissent and civil liberties in East Asia. Her ongoing research also concerns rebel recruitment, one-sided violence against civilians, the collection of systematic conflict data, and women's participation in civil war.

Her work has been published in International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Peace Research, Security Studies, Conflict & Cooperation, and numerous anthologies.

Kristine Eck’s website


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