Dr Janette Davies

Current research and selected publications

Present research: Ageing and internally displaced people in Tbilisi, Georgia and the effects of post-conflict trauma

Davies Janette, 2010, ‘Elders and their Families in Crisis: Ageing an its Discontents’ 2010, Journal of Anthropological Research, Ilia Chavchavadze University, Tbilisi.

Hinkle Janice L., Jacqueline McClaran & Janette Davies, 2010. 'Reliability and Validity of the Adult Alpha Functional Independence Measure (FIM) in England'. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (2010) 42 (1).

Davies J. 2009.  ‘Frail Elders: Displaced People during Disaster and Conflict’. The Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences. University of Georgia Press, Tbilisi.

Davies J 2007. 'Necessary in-betweens: auxiliary workers in a nursing home hierarchy' in Medical Identities: Healing, Well Being and Personhood Ed. Kent Maynard. Berghahn Books.

Completed Research: Pilot study of functional and cognitive assessment of patients on acute general medical wards, Oxford. Showed that the AlphaFIM measure is a reliable and valid assessment of functional ability and cognition. The NHS Trust implemented use of this measure on successful completion of the project.

Collaboration with Dr Elisabeth Hsu as Lecturer for MSc in Medical Anthropology, Human Ecology and Ethnographies of Disease, entitled 'Anthropology of Breastfeeding, Commerciogenic Malnutrition and HIV'.

Research Member of  International Gender Studies at Lady Margaret Hall.

Centre for the Study of Caucasus and Black Sea Region (CBSR), University of Georgia, Tblisi

Research Fellow, 2008 to present. Informal link between University of Georgia and IGS maintained.

Supervision of doctoral and master's students.

Royal College of Nursing International Committee: Elected member June 2010. Collaboration on global health issues and Millennium Development Goals.

Supervision of students:

Doctoral student on the 'Transmission of cultural beliefs and practices amongst a Georgian Diaspora in Turkey', at the School of Humanities, University of Georgia, Tblisi;

Doctoral student on 'The role of television soap opera in HIV/AIDS prevention in Andhra Pradesh, India', at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. OCMS affiliated with University of Wales.


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