Dr Helen Lloyd

Dr Lloyd is an experienced social and health researcher with a particular interest in integrating qualitative and quantitative methodologies and incorporating applied anthropology within mainstream social and clinical research. Helen also has a long standing interest in issues of race, ethnicity and identity, and how such notions influence behaviour.

Helen’s research experience spans the health sciences from occupational health, psychiatry, epidemiology, health services research and public health. In 2003 Helen completed an MSc in medical anthropology at UCL, followed by the successful completion of her D.Phil. at the University of Oxford in 2007.

Following this Helen established a research consultancy based in Oxford to promote and integrate medical anthropology as an applied approach in UK public health research. This was achieved by securing research contracts with a range of clients including the Department of Health and various UK Primary Care Trusts.  Helen’s public sector contracts included a novel qualitative synthesis for the Department of Health to investigate drivers of health inequalities across a range of health concerns including, childhood obesity, smoking, alcohol and drug use, sexual health and teenage pregnancy, and mental health. An outstanding example of this applied work is the Sub-21 project to reduce underage street drinking in North Tyneside. This research used participant observation sessions with youths engaging in street drinking and depth interviews to shape the subsequent intervention. Young people and retailers were placed at the heart of the intervention development process to create a two pronged approach; a rolling programme of youth activities designed by and for local youths combined with a retailer’s campaign providing new tools to help them reduce illegal and proxy alcohol sales. The project has now reached over 3000 young people and resulted in a 30% decrease in anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related incidents. This project has been independently evaluated by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and will be published shortly.

Helen has been a member of the department of Public Health at Oxford University since 2010 and is involved in several research projects focusing on patient outcomes of healthcare. Helen is also a member of the National Institute for Health Research Design Service where she supports researchers to develop their research ideas and gain funding.

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