Dr Helen Carr

BA (hons), MPhil (Oxon), Cert TEFL, PG Dip; DPhil (Oxon)

An author of print and broadcast material, Dr Helen Carr is a sought after figure for TV and radio and as an Expert Witness, panellist and reviewer. Working with the BBC Australasian Office in Sydney, Maxwell Business Communications and Television South-West  - she planned the earliest ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’ AIDS campaigns for television – and with MAS Research and Consultancy the descendent of Mass Observation.

She has also worked for the United Nations Work and Relief Agency for Refugees of Palestine (UNRWA), the World Health Organisation’s Disaster Roster, the British Council and the Zrinyi Miklos Defence University /NATO/Partnership for Peace Language Academy.  

She is Founding Chair of the University of Oxford Anthropology and Museum Ethnography Alumni Society and a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute.  

Experience and Expertise

Having worked with UNRWA in the early days of Arafat’s Palestine Authority, and in E&C Europe during the transition from Communist, Moscow controlled, centralised economy to membership of the European Union and NATO, Dr Helen Carr is acutely aware of the influence of ideology and religion on differing academic and intellectual approaches.

Her special interests extend from the Gypsy/Irish Traveller, Czigany/Roma to other groups outside nation state organisation, such as Kurds and refugees of Palestine. 

Dr Helen Carr is a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor, with seven years clinical experience with the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture as an Expert Witness.

As Research Associate, Dr Helen Carr can address a range of audiences in a variety of media: she has extensive experience of designing and managing bespoke training and research.  She has worked closely with a variety of clients, peoples and professions in the UK and overseas, in the public and private sector, from the ‘Big Four’ international auditing consultancies, to cabinet level politicians and policy professionals, to offenders and the street homeless.

Communication with non-academics is a direction the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography has taken. Dr Helen Carr welcomes enquiries, especially from peoples of Gypsy/Irish Traveller and East European Czigany/Roma heritage, as well as refugees of Palestine and Kurds. Speakers of Beas & Lovari, Kirmanji & Surani of particular interest.

Research and other material index available upon request


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