Dr Barbara Gerke

Research Interests

Potent and poisonous substances in Tibetan medical traditions; Taxonomies of Tibetan formulas;  Biographies of remedies; Purification techniques in Tibetan pharmacology; Mercury processing techniques; Safety and toxicity in Asian medical systems; Life-span concepts among Tibetans; Rejuvenation and ‘essence extraction’ (bcud len) practices in Tibetan medicine; Tibetan Buddhist longevity rituals; Translation of medical epistemologies, specialised medical terminology, and medical practices between and across cultures.

Research Projects

'Precious Pills and Precious Lives: Biographies of Tibetan Precious Pills'; 2-year Lise-Meitner Fellowship, Department of South-Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, University of Vienna (2015-2017).

'Pharmacological Detoxification Methods in Contemporary Tibetan Medicine'; DFG-funded research project at Humboldt University of Berlin (2011-2015).

Main field sites: Darjeeling Hills, West Bengal, India and Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.



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