Dr Anna Stirr

(Ph.D. 2009, Columbia University)

Anna's research interests focus on music, migration, intimacy, and social movements. Her Ph.D. thesis, 'Exchanges of Song: Migration, Gender, and Nation in Nepali Dohori Performance', focused on music, gender, caste/ethnicity, and the nation-state in Nepal, looking at the transformation of a rural form of dialogic singing in the context of political upheaval. Her postdoctoral projects include an extension of this research to the Nepali diaspora communities in the UK and Bahrain, and a study of Nepali protest music since the 1970s, including a translation of Manjul Nepal's memoir of musical Communist consciousness-raising in the early 1970s, 'The Footsteps of Memory' ('Samjhanaka Pailaharu'), and an examination of music in the Maoist People's War. Anna's work has appeared in Ethnomusicology, World Literature Today, and several edited volumes.

Anna Stirr's website.



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