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ISSN 0044-8370   Volume 1, Issue 1 1970

Editorial Note

Paul Heelas  Meaning for whom?  1-10

Roma Standefer  African witchcraft beliefs: the definitional problem  11-17

John Clammer  The analytical and phenomenological approaches to the social  18-21

Barrington Jones  Model and structure in C. Levi-Strauss's 'Structural anthropology'  22-4

Harriet Lyons  Is Levi-Strauss a Jewish mystic?  25-7

Jairus Banaji  Hierarchy and power: reflections of a blind materialist [on the caste system]  28-31

Michael Kenny  Emotion and meaning  32-4

Brian V. Street  Stereotypes in literature and science  35-8


ISSN 0044-8370 Volume 1, Issue 2 1970

Editorial Note

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  Levy-Bruhl's theory of primitive mentality  39-60

Allan Hanson  Understanding in philosophical anthropology  61-70

Paul Heelas  A defence of Winch [comment on F. A. Hanson's article 'Understanding in philosophical anthropology', with a reply by F. A. Hanson]  71-81

Wendy James  Are 'primitives' necessary?  82-3

Mike Maguire  The 'free competition of thought': a critique  84-90

Andrew Lyons  The genesis of scientific racism, including some thoughts on scholarly works produced in the years 1774-1775  91-100

Book Reviews



ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 1,  Issue 3 1970

Note on Social Anthropology at Oxford

Jairus Banaji  Description, meaning and social science  110-113

Ross Bowden  Winch and the social determination of truth  113-125

Edwin Ardener  Galileo and the topological space  125-131

Grant McCall  £. s. d. varna  131-136

John Orley  African medical taxonomy: with special reference to mental illness  137-50



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ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 2,  Issue 1 1971

Editorial Note

Cornelius Ernst  A preface to theology  1-8

James Urry  Symbolic colour: Victor Turner reassessed  9-17

Malcolm Crick  Anthropology and the philosophy of science  18-32

Rom Harré  The shift to an anthropomorphic model of man  33-7

T. C. Weiskel  Rubbish and racism: the problem of boundaries in an ecosystem  38-51

Paul Heelas  Tensions and onomastics: review article [on papers by E. Ardener, J. Banaji and R. Needham]  52-6

Book Reviews  57


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 2,  Issue 2 1971

John Gledhill  Economics and the theory of games in social anthropology  59-73

Raymond Firth  'Anthropology within and without the ivory towers'  74-82

Andrew Woodfield  How the concepts of function and structure work  83-91

Grant McCall  The rubbish of racism  92-6

Michael G Kenny  Robert Ardrey's The social contract  97-107

Book Reviews  108-10


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 2,  Issue 3  1971

J. H. M. Beattie  Has social anthropology a future?  111-120

Gordon Geekie  The interpretation of Ndembu ritual action  121-9

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  John Millar, 1735-1801  131-3

J.E.A. Tonkin  The use of ethnography  134-6

Peter Coates  Problems of paradigm discrimination  137-45

Paul Heelas  'The odd philosopher'  146-52

Book Reviews  153-4



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ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 3,  Issue 1 1972

Editorial Note

Michael Crick  Max Muller  1-13

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  Adam Ferguson, 1723-1816  14-23

Drid Williams  Signs, symptoms and symbols  24-32

Lucy Mair  Recent writing on witchcraft  33-41

Mark Aston  An aspect of Bougle's sociologism  43-50

Book Reviews  51-2


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 3,  Issue 2 1972

Editorial Note

Ruth Finnegan  Anthropologists and the sociology of literature:an example from the study of epic  53-66

Nigel Barley  Anglo-Saxon magico-medicine  67-76

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  Henry Home, Lord Kames (1696-1782)  77-80

N.J. Allen  The vertical dimension in Thulung classification  81-94

Malcolm McLeod  Review article [on 'Social anthropology and language', edited by E. Ardener]  95-100

Book Reviews  103-4


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 3,  Issue 3 1972

Editorial Note

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  Condorcet (1743-1794)  105-9

Andrew C. Theophanous  Social meaning and the conditions for its possibility  110-24

Edwin Ardener  Language, ethnicity and population  125-32

Paul Heelas  Expressing the inexpressible: don Juan and the limits formal analysis  133-48

Randal Keynes  Review article [on 'Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England: a regional comparative study', by A. Macfarlane, and 'Religion and the decline of magic', by K. Thomas]  149-57

Book Reviews 158-60

Cummulative Index Vols. 1/1 - 3/3



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ISSN 0044-8370 Volume 4,  Issue 1 1973

Editorial Note

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  Some reminiscences and reflections on fieldwork  1-12

Joan Leopold  Tylor's solar sixpence  13-16

Malcolm Crick  Two styles in the study of witchcraft  17-31

Jonathan Webber  Review article [on 'Language use and social change', edited by W.H. Whiteley]  32-41

John Rogerson  Social anthropology and the Old Testament: present, past and future  42-50

Book Reviews  51-8


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 4,  Issue 2 1973

Editorial Note

Godfrey Lienhardt  Anthropology and contemporary literature  59-67

Michael Herzfeld  Divine king or divine right: models of ritual authority  68-76

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  Montesquieu (1689-1755)  77-84

Charlotte Hardman  Can there be an anthropology of children?  85-99

Alan Campbell  Tristes tropes: Lévi-Strauss and the impoverishment of metaphor  100-13

Book Reviews  114-22


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 4,  Issue 3 1973

Editorial Note

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  The intellectualist (English) interpretation of magic  123-42

Lawrence C. Melton  Is belief possible?  143-51

Edwin Ardener  'Behaviour': a social anthropological criticism  152-4

Wendy James  Illusions of freedom: a comment on Barth's individuals  155-67

Brian V. Street  "In the shadow of the Golden bough": in response to Lienhardt [comment on 'Anthropology and contemporary literature', by G. Lienhardt]  168-75

Malcolm Crick  Some reflections on the decennial A.S.A. conference  176-9

Paul Heelas  Review article [on 'Modes of thought', edited by R. Horton and R. Finnegan]  180-4

Book Reviews  185-91

Index Vol. 4/1-3



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ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 5,  Issue 1 1974

Editorial Note

E. E. Evans-Pritchard  Science and sentiment: an exposition and criticism of the writings of Pareto  1-21

David Price  'Nor no witchcraft charm thee!' [on the Konkomba]  22-31

Vernon Reynolds  Can there be an anthropology of children? a reply [to 'Can there be an anthropology of children', by C. Hardman]  32-8

Tim Jenkins  Bachelard's epistemology and the history of the sciences  39-48

Martin Cantor  The meaning of life and the meaning of words: the works of I. A. Richards  49-53

Shirley Ardener  A note on 'mooning' and 'streaking' as forms of non-violent protest  54-7

Book Reviews  58-68


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 5,  Issue 2 1974

Editorial Note

David Pocock  Nuer religion: a supplementary view  69-79

Paul Heelas  Meaning and primitive religions  80-91

Keith Patching  Power and the big man in New Guinea  92-103

Phyllis M. Kaberry  A glimpse of Malinowski in retrospect  104-8

Michael Maguire  Criminology and social anthropology  109-17

Juliet Blair  An apparent paradox in mental evolution  118-25

Book Reviews  126-36


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 5,  Issue 3 1974

Editorial Note

Kirsten Hastrup  The sexual boundary-purity: hetero-sexuality and virginity  137-47

Mike Taylor  The consciousness of consciousness  148-50

Jan Ovesen  The metaphor/metonym distinction: a comment on Campbell  ['Tristes tropes: Levi-Strauss and the impoverishment of metaphor' by A. Campbell]  151-4

Martin Cantor  "The mind-forg'd manacles": Castaneda in the world of don Juan  155-72

Charlotte Hardman  Children in the playground  173-88

M.G. Whisson  Review article [Race, by J.R. Baker]  189-94

Book Reviews  195-201

Index Vol. 5/1-3



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ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 6,  Issue 1 1975

Editorial Note

Tim Jenkins  Althusser's philosophy  1-17

Harriet Sibisi  Some notions of 'purity' and 'impurity among the Zulu  18-29

Keith Patching  Semantic fields and social change: the concept gnek in Tangu  30-41

Kirsten Hastrup  The sexual boundary-danger: transvestism and homosexuality  42-56

Brian Street  Anthropology outside the classroom  57-67

Helen Callaway  Review article [on 'African women in towns: an aspect of Africa's social revolution' by K. Little]  68-73

Book Reviews  74-78


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 6,  Issue 2 1975

Editorial Note

Martin Thom  The unconscious structured like a language  79-105

Malcolm Crick  Ethology, language, and the study of human action  106-18

Mike Taylor  Linguistics to social anthropology: the problem of theory  119-28

Judith Okely  Review article [Gypsies: the hidden Americans by A. Sutherland]  129-30

Book Reviews  131-6


ISSN 0044-8370  Volume 6,  Issue 3 1975

Editorial Note

Philip Kreager  Notes for a study of fertility  137-52

Roger Just  Conceptions of women in classical Athens  153-70

Judith Okely  The self and scientism  171-88

Jonathan Webber  Formulating a linguistic analogy for society 189-212

Paul Dresch  Review article [on 'Marxist analyses and social anthropology', edited by M. Bloch]  213-7

Book Reviews  218-20

Index Vol. 6/1-3



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