Evans-Pritchard Lectures

In 1998 All Souls College received a generous benefaction to establish an annual Lecturership in memory of Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard, Professor of Social Anthropology and Fellow of All Souls (1946-70) in the disciplines (social anthropology, classical
studies, archaeology, modern history, oriental studies) and the geographical areas (Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean) that most occupied him.

Lecturers have included Dr Timothy Jenkins (Jesus, Cambridge), Dr Roy Dilley (St Andrews), Dr David M Anderson (St Antony's, Oxford), Dr David Zeitlyn (Kent), Dr Keith Brown (Watson Inst., Brown), Dr Kai Kresse (St Andrews), Dr Anna Baldinetti (Perugia),
Dr Richard Vokes (Canterbury, NZ) and Dr Judith Scheele (Oxford).

Evans-Pritchard Lectures 2013

Dr Zuzanna Olszewska  (then a Fellow in Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and now a Departmental Lecturer in Social Anthropology at ISCA, University of Oxford) was the Evans-Pritchard Lecturer for 2013. Zuzanna
delivered five lectures at All Souls College, Oxford, in May 2013 on the theme of 'Authentic Verses, Modern Selves: An Ethnography of Afghan Refugee Poetry and Personhood in Iran. The third lecture was recorded for podcast and you can
listen to it here:

Dorr-e Dari (The Pearl of Dari): An Ethnography of Poetry as a Social Practice among Afghans in Iran (23 May 2013) 

Evans-Pritchard Lectures 2010

Dr Charles Stewart (University College London) was the Evans-Pritchard Lecturer for 2010, delivering six lectures at All Souls College, Oxford, during Trinity Term. The theme of the lecture series was Dreaming and Historical Consciousness in Island Greece.

The first lecture is available to listen to and download as a podcast:

Neither Freud nor Artemidorus: Dreaming and Temporality in Greece.

In an interview, conducted during his visit by Anthropology graduate student Ana Ranitovic, Charles Stewart talked some more about his longterm interest in dreams and historicity in modern Greece:

Interview with Dr Charles Stewart.

Evans-Pritchard Lectures 2003/04

In the Autumn of 2003, Professor David Zeitlyn (then of Kent University and now of ISCA, Oxford) delivered the 2003/2004 Evans-Pritchard Lectures. His subject was 'The life of Diko Madeleine and the History of Somié, Cameroon, in the Twentieth Century'.
You can find the links to listen to five of the lectures below.

Lecture 1 (further information)

Lecture 2 (further information)

Lecture 3 (further information)

Lecture 4 (further information)

Lecture 5 (further information)


The final lecture, Summing up a Life?, was not recorded but you can read the transcript here:


Further information can be found here.

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